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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a process which gives your website rank higher in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Why do you need an SEO Expert?

Let's find out why you might need to hire SEO expert in Kolkata if you own a business website.

Even if you have an attractive website in a well functional state, still it's quite useless if it ranks 100 or more on Google SERP. Suppose you're a Dentist in Kolkata. You have a well-functional website with attractive templates. Furthermore, you're featuring a facility to people so that they can schedule an appointment through your website. It sounds pretty good, right?

Well, there is one tiny problem. When people are searching "Best Dentists in Kolkata" your website snippet is nowhere to be found on the list provided by Google. It’s because your website isn't associated with the keyword in Google indexing protocol. Other than Keywords there are more than 10,000 variables on Google Search Engine Rank Algorithm, which you need to take into account.If your website is SEO optimized then your website comes into the first page for the specific keyword. If your website ranks higher in Google search result page for any keyword then it’s a big probability to increase your business. Aditya(webADI's) is recognized as the most efficient SEO services provider in Kolkata.

What Google Ranking Matters nowadays?

In today's world, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. If your website rank in the first page of Google search results in any keyword you have a probability to get huge traffic on your website. Using all of that traffic you can grow your business.

There is lots of an example where a well-planned SEO strategy can make a huge profit of your business.

Different type of SEO Experience:

I am Experiencer in a different kind of SEO. I provide local SEO Longtail keywords SEO niche and micro-niche blogging site SEO and also GMB Listing SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is a kind of SEO technique which get your business visible on Local Search Result.

Longtail keywords SEO

Longtail keyword is a more specific type of keyword which is longer than commonly used keywords. This type of keyword helps to boost the main keyword. Longtail keywords get some initial traffic to your website.

Micro Niche Blogging

Micro-niche blogging is a special kind of blogging where on a website post content specific areas from a general one. For example, if any website post content only about On-Page SEO then this website all post related to the specific category. This kind of website needs a different type of SEO strategy.

My SEO Services Providing Process

Ranking on Google is a step by step approach. These are the SEO process I follow at WebAdis.

Keyword Research

First of all, I examine your competition online. Then run extensive keyword research to bring out the especially relevant search terms for your business.

OnPage Optimisation

Then we optimize each of your web-pages. Your website must have good page speed along with informative, SEO friendly contents and also very good result in markup validation. We take care of every aspect of a website that will make a difference in your ranking.

Sitemap Creation

We will create a sitemap. Remember that without a sitemap search engine like Google, Bing can’t scroll properly your website. It is an important part in terms of SEO.

Submit Sitemap on Search Engine

After creating sitemap now it's time to index them on Google. As soon as Google index your website it will take 1 week to get your web snippet on the Google SERP. Now we have to see which position your website is ranking.

Backlink Creation

Now it's time to use the blog posting technique and 3rd party platforms like Quora, Pinterest, Tumblr and Bloggers along with the Social Media Marketing activities.


All these activities will bring a certain amount of results. Finally, it's time to track the results with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. It will provide us with the reports of where our audiences are coming from and in which page they engaged mostly. Then we will adjust the SEO activities according to the reports for the next months.

Let’s look at our services

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If you want to grow your business using digital marketing then call us and discuss your business plan with us. We will try to give you some marketing strategy which can grow your business digitally.

Reason to hire me:

That was a rough set of steps that we follow to make you rank better. webADI’S is the best SEO expert in Kolkata if you're looking for budget-friendly campaigning. I do not only improve the ranking of the websites I make their online presence very impactful among their target audiences.

For a world-class level of SEO Services, you can contact me. I can provide your website in the top of Google Search Result. My charges are affordable that I can guarantee you. Let's grow your business digitally. For the best quotation contact me.

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