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About Me

Hi, I’m Aditya Paul, an passionate, experienced and creative freelance Website designer in Kolkata. I have been working as a web designer cum graphics designer in various organizations for the last five years. At present, I am providing freelance web design and web development services to small and medium businesses in Kolkata.

So, you have come to the right place. If you want to learn more about me visit about page.

Introduction about web designing

We are living in the digital age and we all know about the importance of a website for any business or organization. A website is not merely a piece of code hosted online anymore. With the increasing competition online, its important to attract your visitor and influence them to take any action on your website, be it submitting a form or buying something.

Therefore overall look & feel, design and user experience of the website must be up to the mark. Different businesses need to impress their audience in different ways, so a web designer or developer must keep that in mind. If you fail to do that, you are out of business. Therefore you must choose a freelance website designer or developer in Kolkata wisely.

More Details

Why hire me as a professional freelance website designer?

If you are looking for the most efficient Web Developer in Kolkata, we at webADI’s, provide you with the best services that you can rely on.

My main mission and vision is 100% client satisfaction. My friendly behaviour gives you extra space to describe your niche that what functionality you want for your stunning website. Here are the few reasons for hiring me as freelance web designer & developer in Kolkata.

Based in Kolkata

I am based in Budge Budge, Kolkata. If you want me to visit your office or come to my office, it’s possible. There are many freelance web designer online falsely claiming to be in Kolkata.

Affordable prices

Although the price of a website depends on many factors, I keep the price affordable for small and medium businesses in Kolkata. But, I never compromise with the quality of the site.

Custom design website based on your needs

We at webadis design custom website based on your needs. Every business is unique in its vision and mission, so their website should convey that message to their audiences. All the elements of an aesthetically appealing website must be kept in mind while designing.

Responsive design with the latest technology

With the increasing use of internet on mobile devices, it’s essential to make your website mobile responsive so that your visitors don’t face any issue browsing the website. As a freelance web developer, I ensure to make your website mobile responsive, having great loading speed with the latest web technologies.

Different types of websites

As a competent freelance web designer, I create different kinds of website or web applications that suit your needs. Whether a blog, business website or an ecommerce, I have all the solutions. I use different CMSs, backend language such as PHP, MySQL etc to make dynamic websites.

Seo friendly website

SEO not to mention, one of the best and affordable ways to market your service or product online. An SEO campaign can be successful if the website is built following the best practices. As a freelancer, I know it and ensure from my end that your campaign won’t hamper because of the website made by me.

Great support

I offer great support during and after the completion of the project. I am very friendly, honest freelancer and I respect every business owners because of their hard work. I believe in forming a long term relationship with you.

Hire PHP Freelancer in Kolkata

Website Developer in Kolkata

PHP is a language used for making dynamic websites or web applications. It runs on the server. As an experienced PHP freelancer, I can develop custom websites starting from scratch or using CMS like WordPress.

There are many agencies or freelancers who use premade scripts & templates, but that doesn’t make you unique and limits the functionalities of the website. Hire me if you need a PHP based website in Kolkata.

My web design & development process.

Making a website requires a step by step approach. These are the Webdesign & development process I follow at WebAdis.


In this phase, I gather information about the website, like the purpose of the website, what services or product it sells, website goals, who are the target audiences etc.


In this phase, we decide the site architecture and technologies to use to build the site.


In this stage, we create PSD design focusing on the design aesthetic, visual style and UX/UI for the website.


This is what your audience will see to gather information about you. It includes text content, image, video, audio, animated graphics etc. If you don’t provide them, it may cost extra.


After you approve the PSD design of the website and send the content, we start creating the website based on the PSD file layout. We start with HTML, CSS, javascript, serverside languages and database queries. We always make sure the website be mobile responsive.


We test technical things like coding scripts, check browser compatibility, and ask ourselves does it fulfils its purpose?


In this step, we launch the brand new website on the internet to be available publicly.


In this step, we launch the brand new website on the internet to be available publicly.


After launching the new website, we are not done yet. We constantly monitor the website, if there is any bug, we fix them & if you want we also carry out web maintenance on a regular basis.

Reason to Choose Freelancer in INDIA

Freelancers are usually well-rounded professionals. Most freelancers aren’t not freshers, they have usually worked in a few companies before deciding to become a freelancer. Thus they know about marketing and branding of their services.

Freelancers work on their own and their reputation is most important to their business. They’ll likely provide excellent service and try to achieve your requirements.

Freelancers generally work on fewer projects at a time than a larger digital agency and can make your projects a priority. They can focus on your project and bring the best results.

Freelancers are flexible unlike the full time job. They also embrace an unstructured working day & it may be helpful for you too if you need emergency help from their end.

Cost of hiring a freelancer is less than a full time employee or an agency. Because freelancers are working on their own time, they tend to be far more productive than an office worker.

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