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Development on your website gives your website more powerful. Web Development means a webpage is not a static page. It’s a dynamic page. There is so much programming language available like PHP, .NET, Python, C, Ruby to create a webpage dynamically. In my case, I am expert in PHP so I'm a Freelance Web Developer in Kolkata. Some websites like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr is the most popular website that is created by using PHP. In November 2017, W3Techs survey result is PHP as the server-side language for 80.1% of websites. So it is the best way to create your website dynamic.

Pros and Cons of my Web Development Kolkata services

Web Development Kolkata

I’m a PHP developer. So if we talk about the pros and cons of about web development in Kolkata then the point is that the pros and cons of PHP. Let’s talk about PHP. As you know most of the website is using PHP to create a dynamic website. Also, I am a Freelance Web Developer in KOLKATA who use PHP to create a dynamic website. Let’s talk about the advantages of using PHP.

➤  PHP is an open-source programming language so you don’t have to purchase anything for using PHP in your website.

➤  It’s easy to use. If you give some time to learn then you can understand the coding of your website easily.

➤  Wordpress is built in PHP.

➤  So many popular frameworks are available.

➤  Most importantly if you are facing any of the problems I’m always here to solve…

In my opinion, there are no disadvantages if you are using PHP on your website. So what are you waiting for? Contact as soon as possible.

Web Developer kolkata

Hi, I’m Aditya Paul offers you website development in Kolkata as India and also all over the world. My priority is client satisfaction. Always I give my level best to provide you with the best service. My charges are comparatively low and I always prefer to charge a reasonable price from a client. My friendly behaviour and no hidden charges give you a lot more space to grow your business. Contact us for more.

Web Development Trend Nowadays

Nowadays Wordpress is in the trend. Everyone needs the best content management system on their website. Wordpress is the best content management system at this moment. Wordpress is most popular because of the free available theme and free plug-in available in the market. So that’s why most of the Web Developer Kolkata based freelancer or agency recommend wordpress. I’m also expert in WordPress. If you are looking for Wordpress Developer in Kolkata or Freelance Web Developer in Kolkata then don’t waste your time. Contact me as soon as possible.

Web Developer Kolkata